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Things To Consider Before Hernia Surgery

Things To Consider Before Hernia Surgery

If you haven’t heard, the development of implantable fabric mesh has completely revolutionized hernia surgeries. Surgeons now have the ability to choose to repair your hernia by pulling together all of your natural tissues or by using mesh to avoid creating tension in the area. As with any other medical advent, a hernia mesh implant does come with a few risks. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Recurring Hernia

Hernia recurrence is not uncommon. This is especially the case when using a hernia mesh implant. The mesh may shrink or move. This can often lead to more complications, because all subsequent surgeries will be more prone to failure than the first attempt.


Sure, mesh is designed and processed specifically for implant procedures, but in some cases the body does not react well to this foreign substance. All of your natural defense mechanisms will treat the mesh as a germ and fight against it and all of the surrounding tissues. Some infections may be treated with antibiotics while others require removal of the hernia mesh and further repair.

Nerve Damage

Hernia Nerve DamageMost people experience discomfort after surgery. However, it usually lessens over time. But there are some cases in which the pain persists. Some people even experience pain that is searing or electric. This is a sign that the nerve has been trapped by the mesh, sutures or staples that were used in order to secure it in place.


Intestines and Skin In some cases, the mesh becomes stuck to parts of the bowel. In these cases, the mesh can kink the intestine and lead to blockage. This will require surgical correction. Also, the mesh can also erode through the wall of your intestine and cause your bowel contents to leak. Though placing the mesh outside of the abdomen reduces these risks, the skin may still erode.

If you suffer from an inguinal hernia or abdominal hernia, then you be sure to discuss them with your surgeon before your operation. It’s important that you aware of all of your options. You should also be aware of all of the side effects.

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