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Quick Guide to Local SEO Rankings (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is always changing. Search engine algorithms are becoming more and more ‘intelligent’ just have a look at the most recent Google algorithm updates and as a result the world is moving from a keyword-based to a semantic search. In order for you to keep astride and rank high, you need to do the following:

1. Optimize user experience – ensure your website is visually appealing, provides detailed info about your niche and industry, is easy to navigate and has a call-to-action feature (this could be a commenting/ social-sharing button or even a subscription to your newsletter).

2. Improve your website’s page load speed – page load speeds affects the bounce rate (navigators who surf away after viewing only a single page of a website). The faster the speed, the lower the bounce rate. Google uses this parameter in search rankings and argues that a faster website creates a happy user.

3. Think quality content – the buzz phrase ‘content is king’ still holds. Your content should be relevant, original, grammatically correct and should include synonyms related to the main keyword. Include an enticing and short meta description tag on each page. Employ a structured data mark-up in your website and also ensure that the page URLs are readable and link to other pages.

4. Incorporate responsive web design for mobile devices so that users can access the content from their smartphones and tablets. You can alternatively have a dedicated mobile site created. If the latter is the case, include a Click-to-Call feature.

Google is Changing Canadian SEO and Web Development

If you have a local business with a website chances are your trying  to compete for top rankings on Google with several competitors. It can be very difficult and extremely frustrating to figure out why your competitors web site is at the top. It can be extremely difficult to get an edge over the competition online. A friend of mine in Canada who is a web development expert was recently speaking in Toronto at a search engine marketing conference . During his keynote speech he provided a list of recommendations for dominating the local search results for your main keywords. Check out their website for some tips.

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